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The self-love lab is all about giving practical, hands-on help to support you in developing a thriving relationship with yourself.

Using my qualifications as an alternative therapist and experience as a facilitator, I can introduce you to powerful tools you will use for life. Finding self-love becomes tangible, real and life-affirming.

What people are saying about my work:

"This was EPIC! I would highly recommend to others. I feel changed from the experience and I feel this is exactly what every person needs in order to start healing their soul"

"A beautiful space held for some juicy, nourishing work. Exceptionally grounded, guided with wisdom, compassion and a light touch."

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The 28 days looks at TRUST, ACCEPTANCE, COMMUNICATION, APPRECIATION AND RESPONSIBILITY as the pillars of a healthy relationship with ourselves, in a practical and supportive way. Using therapeutic tools and techniques that are highly effective and transformative, it is a comprehensive and  nuanced guide on the topic of self- love. If you let it, this course will radically improve your self -love, self- care routine and the choices you make.

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