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Book me for 1-1's or  the 5 week self- love coaching sessions

If you want that extra support that only 1-1, personalized, deep work, and unconditional presence allows...Please reach out to me for a discovery call or book a private session. 

Working 1-1 is a strong commitment to your healing journey. I work intuitively, with the skills and tools I think will be most useful in the moment. My aim is always to facilitate your own personal inner work and help you to shift and shed in a way that serves you. It is you that has the answers, but we have blind spots and in our sessions we will get to the crux of what is holding you back, keeping you stuck, and gently release it by bringing it into greater awareness and developing new neuropathways that can think differently about the presenting problem.


You know what you need and have the power to make changes, but support and skills make all the difference. I am available to assist you and bring awareness, technique, emotional intelligence, skill, empathy and accountability. Together, we find the way to get you where you want to be. We unlock what keeps you trapped and set you free.


Private sessions allow for a more intensive healing work to take place. By having a session entirely for yourself, we can get really specific, be detailed and relevant to your needs, and work effectively and thoroughly at the root causes of suffering.I only work with clients where we both feel we can have the right working relationship. We both have to feel a"rightness" about working together, because I love to see people really come into their joy and power, and I love being part of that.   


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