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My Story

I am a qualified practitioner of:


​Emotional Freedom Techniques

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Grief Tending in communities

Transformational Life Coaching


I have received training but I am not a practitioner in:

Psychedelic Welfare and Harm Reduction


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


 After facilitating workshops over many years, and working as a  EFT therapist for about eight years and working in mental health in various ways for about fifteen years, it became really clear to me that we live in a culture with a self- love deficit. Something that I heard from clients over and over again, deeply hidden beneath the narrative, was a feeling that loving themselves was hard, or fleeting, or only came after big achievements, validations and other evidence that they were worthy. ​

I empathized with this feeling, I knew that feeling, and I saw it all around me. I wanted to make an offering to support people with that sticky, sludgy feeling. The Self -Love Lab is that offering, in particular the 28 days course and the Self- Love Coaching.

I could talk about this all day, but I wont do so here!

If you'd like to know more about what the phrase"self- love" means for me when I say it, please find an article I've written up on the blog page.

So, about the work I do...

The work I do is a sort of acupuncture. Emotional acupuncture. Just like how the needles open up our meridian energy lines and allow stuck, dense energy to move... the work I do opens up the stagnant, murky depths of our emotional landscape and allows its content to be seen, given love, understood and released.

Healing is a communal experience. We are working together, you have the location, we share a map and I have the flash light. We are all people with problems, if we are people.

I bring my training in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Grief Tending, Life Coaching and I work with nurturing self love, at the roots of it. From a place of self love and self acceptance, anything can happen.

I do not have the answers, I believe you do!

I have skills, experience, high EQ and a way of getting to the bottom of things quickly, finding the words that elude people and I facilitate positive changes. I help you to empower yourself to get to where you want to be. Your answers might feel far away as you read this, but I am skilled at helping you expose them. If you'd like to read testimonials from people who have worked with me, please check them out.


                           Now, to be a little bit more personal....

I often speak about vulnerability as a key to intimacy, so I am choosing to share with you now a little bit about myself and how I have come to the place that I have, why I facilitate this kind of work, why it matters to me, and what triggered my own growth and self development.

"Nothing affects the life of the child so much as the unlived life of its parent." (Carl Jung)

 I have grown up as part of  a loving and very imperfect family that struggled with money, with mental health, with deep trauma and most of us kids were pretty neuro divergent and complex. I experienced grief and loss  early on within the family and my child response to trauma was debilitatingly sensitive. I had to learn to "toughen up" only to find, later on, that such a process felt inauthentic and misdirected and was robbing me of my true self. As a young adult, when my father passed away it changed our entire reality and family unit. With repressed, abstract expressions of grief,  huge financial debts, OCD and anxiety, and experiences of abusive dynamics within my family , I have learned a lot because of where I'm from. What we shared and taught each other was challenging but schooled me about empathy, boundaries, self care and the importance of mental well being. It developed my capacity to witness pain with  awareness of what is beneath the surface. It has been a catalyst for so much beneficial learning and deep inner work.Like so many families, mine has been hard work and it's not anybody's fault, it's also not from a lack of love or goodness on anyone's part- everybody's intentions are good...but my family were total strangers to inner work.

dom prof 4 close up.jpg


As an adult, I found myself consistently in supportive roles for vulnerable people- I worked in mental health with the NHS, as an activity therapist for schizophrenic patients. I still regularly volunteer doing psychedelic welfare and harm reduction with charity Psycare UK, I have worked with people with various mental and  physical health needs of all ages for many years and I studied to become a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Hypnosis ,Transformational Life Coaching and Grief Tending.

The biggest transformation came for me after my father passed away. There was a lot of secrets and a lot of shifts that unfolded for myself and my family. It was a wild and rude awakening. I became interested in Carl Jung, and went diving deep into my process. My repressed grief for my eccentric and hilarious dad had led to me putting myself in traumatic situations quite unconsciously. It became really obvious to me that I still had a lot of grieving to do, and a lot to learn about myself.


I tried lots of things. I spoke with lots of amazing people, did a tonne of research on shadow work and was a self development fiend for a while. If it wasn't aimed at "healing" I wasn't that interested. In fact, I think I went out of balance because what I found at the end of it was that I had really known what I'd needed all along but I hadn't given it to myself. I needed a big crisis to show me how far away from myself I had gone.

I feel excited to share these techniques with you. They are profound but simple, undemanding and give fast results. EFT helped me tune in to myself, from a more compassionate and curious perspective, and work through the muddy stuff and I have seen it transform  so many people. 

I have found a lot of benefit in all the practices I love so much, I am sure you will get much out of them and I really hope to continue sharing with you, learning with you, and that the Self Love Lab can be in service to you.

Much love,

Dominique Antonina

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