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Join a supportive and loving community...

Emotional Release Circles


Learn EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other healing modalities.

Intimacy through shared vulnerability.

Connection through compassion. 

Practice self-love through self-acceptance

Make space for yourself. Be prepared to receive and be witnessed, share and cultivate connection, learn therapeutic tools and practices and be part of a global family.

On a monthly basis, the Self- Love Lab explores  a key theme (decided upon by you, the self-love lab community).

Meetings currently online.

Sliding scale membership. Give what feels right. Drop in is available, but the intention is to build solid and supportive connections with people who are learning to effectively hold space together.


This work is facilitated by Dominique Antonina, EFT practitioner, NLP and life coach and founder of Self Love Lab. Although there will be guidance and you will never be left to "figure it out", we will work intuitively and any ideas or leadership from the community is welcome. We are all empathetic healing humans, lets collaborate!

Be connected to people wanting to learn and practice self-care techniques and prioritize self-love as a necessity for a better society.


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