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The Self-love Lab

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Self love, that elusive and essential life vitamin...

is so much more than salt baths and fine chocolates...


Self-love is not always a beautiful thing.

Sometimes it is making hard decisions, like enforcing a better sleeping routine or calling off a relationship that is destabilizing, or cooking yourself healthy meals when all you want is to drown yourself in Ben and Jerry's. It is not running away from the sharp, hard edges of who you are, or distracting yourself with "treats" or routine getaways. 

" It is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from."

And that deserves help.  The road to deep self-love is not linear, and we are not static creatures. Life is in a state of constant flow, and so are we. Some days we might look in the mirror and love what we see, love how we feel, love who we are. In other moments, our self-love and acceptance might feel like a far-off dream, a luxury we can't afford, or like climbing a never-ending mountain. The path may be full of slippery slopes, we might be muddy and exhausted, on our last legs, ready to quit.

Self-love is not for some imaginary time in the future when we have our "shitt figured out", when we have a "perfect" body, home, job, lover..It can only happen here, with who we are now.

It can only happen within, and though changes will happen out there in the world, as we continue to grow and improve ourselves...coming to a place where our love of self and relaxing deeply into the folds of who we actually are does not rely on the validation of external factors...that is true freedom. That is unconditional self-love.

It is not an exclusive club. You don't need to "earn the right" to love who you are, to care for yourself well, to make choices that nourish you in the long term. Self love is for everybody. Please , feel welcome here at the Self Love Lab. Our door is always open, if you fall under the bracket of "human", you belong.

And you can still have the salt baths, the chocolate cake, the wild nights out and the getaway times...from a place of radical self acceptance, it all feels so much better.

The self love lab, in a nutshell...

The Self Love Lab , in a nutshell...

































The work I do is a sort of acupuncture.

Emotional acupuncture.

Just like how the needles open up our meridian energy lines and allow stuck, dense energy to move... the work I do opens up the stagnant, murky depths of our emotional landscape and allows its content to be seen, given love, understood and released. In the surrendering of old, stuck energy we create space for something more life-affirming to enter. I do this gently, effectively and with a sense of humor. Embarking on self -love practices is fun, life changing and deeply healing work. My mission is to de-shame the shadow and  help people tap into their innate wisdom and power, and reach full capacity to love- ourselves, our beloveds, our experience.

But to answer the question....

The Self Love Lab is a trove of expertly designed and powerful resources- Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditations, Articles, Interviews, Energy Psychology tools, Affirmations, Rituals, Positive Psychology tools and Self Inquiry Work.

Part of what Self Love Lab is about is collecting and harvesting a holistic and thorough plethora of tools to equip you with a regular, professional and specific self-care practice. And the other part is bringing people together to support ourselves skillfully, with tools and guidance through an empathetic community, facilitated by Dominique, the founder of Self Love Lab.

Please go to "My Story" to meet me.


How can I access these resources?

OK,let's get to that bit now... There are a few options.

Weekly emotional release rituals

Be part of the Self Love Lab community! We meet on a regular basis and create a safe, held, loving container of beautiful people on a similar vibe who want to make space for their emotional well being, share a healing practice and create community through allowing vulnerability.

Please have a look at  the Offerings page for more info on tools and techniques, ethos and  intention of these regular offerings.

Gifted resources , including DIY videos, tools and exercises check out "Wisdom" page

Gifted masterclasses

Online courses and resources 

Please have a look at  the Offerings page

Who?.. What?


My Name is Dominique Antonina. I am a holistic therapist and my education is in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Breakthrough Life Coaching.

I specialize in working on releasing stuck emotion,traumas and  limiting stories we carry within us. Clearing to create space for something richer, lighter, full of joy, full of love, full of doing so, we loosen the grip of these old wounded versions of us and welcome in the new story that wants to emerge. I believe in a radically loving and compassionate approach- this is not about hating on the past, or exiling aspects of ourselves.

There is no part of you that is wrong or that needs to be banished.

From a place of loving ourselves, forgiving ourselves and accepting ourselves we can release the grip of the past, of what wounds us and keeps us estranged from our gifts and step into a place of self-love.

The therapeutic tools embedded in my approach are sensitive, direct, powerful and long-lasting. Here is what a few of my 1-1 clients have to say :

"Dominique is an absolutely incredible therapist, she uses a combination of techniques to effectively and quickly get to the core of the issue so it can be brought up, addressed and melted away...She holds a truly non judgemental space for you in such a kind and considerate way and has such a beautiful energy that she brings to her holistic approach. I could not recommend her enough and would urge you to try this therapy as part of your own healing...I have been so happy with her treatments I will definitely be back for more." (Emma Gould, therapist)

"Dominique led me through layers of unexpressed trauma and emotions that lingered in my psyche skillfully. She was outstanding at asking the right question at the right time and suggested repeating affirmations to release the stagnant emotional patterns. At the end of our session I felt light, calm and clear and with a deeper understanding of the origin of my anxiety." (Giacomo Sandri- herbalist)

Please feel free to read more testimonials on the "Testimonials" page. To hear more from me, please feel free to read "My Story".

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my story

My Story


I speak about vulnerability as a key to intimacy, so I am choosing to share with you now a little bit about myself and how I have come to the place that I have, why I facilitate this kind of work, why it matters to me, and what triggered my own growth and self development.

My name is Dominique Antonina, and I started the Self Love Lab because the therapeutic tools I have learned are game -changers.

 I believe in creating community, owning our shadows, and the necessity of creating an empathetic society which knows how to love. 

"Nothing affects the life of the child so much as the unlived life of its parent." (Carl Jung)

 I have grown up as part of  a loving family that struggled with money, with a depressed parent, I experienced grief and loss quite early on within the family and when my father passed away it changed our entire reality and family unit. With repressed, abstract expressions of grief,  debilitating levels of OCD and anxiety, and dark experiences of abuse within relationships playing out within my family we have each been on some big healing journeys.

I consider myself super blessed because despite these experiences being hard, despite some of them feeling completely I was drowning from the inside... I have been held and supported and found incredible tools and resources along the way, which is what I want to share with you. This might sound cliche but a lot of challenging parts of my story helped me to understand myself and others better and has developed my capacity to witness pain with  awareness around what is playing out beneath the surface. It has been a catalyst for so much beneficial learning and deep inner work.

As an adult, I found myself consistently in supportive roles for vulnerable people- I worked in mental health with the NHS, as an activity therapist for schizophrenic patients. I volunteer doing psychedelic "trip sitting" work, have worked with people with various mental health, physical health needs of all ages and studied to become a master practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, I have studied Reiki, Transformational Life Coaching and am currently studying dream analysis as a tool for therapy.

The biggest transformation came for me some years after my father passed away. The family secrets, shadow work and shifts that unfolded for myself and my family was a wild and rude awakening. I became interested in Carl Jung's work, and went diving deep into my process.

Working with my unconscious mind, self-care practices, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and mindfulness has completely changed my reality, has centered and uplifted me, has connected me to my own light in dark moments, has made me laugh, surprised me with joy and beauty, has made life fuller, richer, more authentic and has connected me to my own sense of potent magic.

I feel excited to share this stuff with you...because I know its sooooo good. It helped me dust myself off, laugh, wakened my senses and helps me find the love that is present in the moment.

"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being,the more joy you can contain.
Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven?
And is not the lute that soothes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives?
When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." (Khalil Gibran)


I have found a lot of benefit in sharing all the practices I love so much, I really hope to continue sharing with you, learning with you, and that the Self Love Lab can be in service to you.

Much love,

Dominique Antonina

the toolkit

The Toolkit

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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is an incredible tool I use in group work as well as 1-1 sessions.

“People often turn to EFT through word of mouth and find it has worked when nothing else did. The combination of sending kinetic energy to the system whilst uncovering root causes of an issue means it is a positive and pro-active tool, it often works on issues unresolved from other therapies and it can deliver results rapidly. ”

As a master practitioner, I often utilize this modality. The benefits I have seen people have is HUGE.

EFT is a subtle but profound therapy- on the surface it seems as though we are just having a conversation and tapping on energy points-however by tapping on these points we are releasing deep, sometimes unconscious traumas that are blocking us in our daily lives.

Here is some client feedback:

"... unlike anything I've done before but it's quite exceptional. Cathartic and deep, I found myself releasing and sharing way more than I'd anticipated. Unexpectedly, a lightness and clarity came several days later, shifting some of the emotional weight I'd been carrying and bringing a greater sense of wholeness. Dom had told me the benefits can arrive a few days later but it was still a surprise. I only did one session but I think this is one of the most powerful forms of therapy. I can't think of someone better placed to hold a space for this than Dominique." (Charlotte Cowling)

"Dominique taught me how build a dialogue with myself through EFT, which initially gives me clarity of what my issue is, then I'm able to ground myself by facing the issue, start accepting my life situation and often now even able to love myself through it. Which given my history of depression and addiction , speaks volumes."

(Paul Fletcher) 


Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Breakthrough Life Coaching techniques

(we are the pattern-makers and the pattern-breakers)

When we discuss NLP, we are typically discussing neurology, language and programming (beliefs) that we have unconsciously developed..

These components determine how we view, react to and create our life experiences.

​By offering insight into why we respond to life the way we do and how our habits and thoughts are created it teaches us to exercise power over our choices, patterns and belief systems. It shares with us new tools to respond authentically and spontaneously to our problems and break outmoded, limiting coping mechanisms.

NLP is about self-discovery, self-change and self-acceptance.

Much of the work we do in Breakthrough Life coaching is based upon NLP techniques, games and models of language that we can tweak to cultivate a deeper understanding of who we are in the world and why. From a place of alertness and self awareness, we can direct our choices towards breakthrough moments of self inquiry, letting go, and transformation.

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov


The Self Love Lab is all about high quality emotional well-being protocols. Alongside effective techniques I will be sharing resources and content, sometimes by people who inspire me with their robust levels of WISDOM, COMPASSION and an ILLUMINATING approach to life. 

The Self Love Lab is inspired by incredible, trauma-informed people like:

Gabor Mate

Tara Brach

Brene Brown

Eckhart Tolle

Charles Eistenstein

If you're wondering who these

people are, you're in for a treat!

If  you have already been feeling a

resonance with the Self Love Lab and you

enjoy these brilliant minds, then I think

we'll get along just fine...

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