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There are 5 ingredients for a healthy, thriving relationship:

  • Trust

  • Acceptance

  • Communication

  • Appreciation 

  • Responsibility

Using these same pillars we can create a blueprint for a healthy relationship with ourselves. These 5 pillars lie at the core of all of the work that we do, which includes:

28-day Self-Love online course

5 week Self-Love coaching program

1-to-1 coaching sessions

Bespoke workshop creation and facilitation

Emotional Release Circles

We use a variety of therapeutic tools and techniques and an approach that is practical, effective and supportive, with long-lasting results.


If you would like to explore your connection with yourself and find ways to love yourself more, click the links below to learn how to work with us.


1-to-1 Consultations


28 Day Self-Love Course




Emotional Release Circles

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