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Facilitator Dominique Antonina is a qualified practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki , Grief Tending facilitation and Transformational life coaching. She works for Psycare UK and Kosmicare doing psychedelic welfare and harm reduction and has held space for people in their shadow on psychedelics and works with the Inner Child. Her favorite topics to bring soothing and medicine to are self-love, grief and the loss of community in our fragmented modern world and building trust and intimacy through sharing vulnerabilities and resources. She studied theater and writing before this life phase and loves to weave creativity and humor into her work. She works online and in person, and is based In Bristol but works in Bristol, London, Devon and Brighton, and worldwide via Zoom.

Booking a 1-1 or group session...

Private sessions allow for a more intensive healing work to take place. By having a session entirely for yourself, we can get really specific, be detailed and relevant to your needs, and work effectively and thoroughly at the root. If this feels right for you, please look at the page for 1- 1 bookings or reach out on the contact page.

Private group sessions is an incredible way to build trust and functionality within communities, heal dynamics and stories and create strength and support. Working as part of a group on a common theme is deeply useful and powerful.

How can the Self Love Lab facilitate group work for me and others?

I can facilitate group work bespoke to your needs...

If you have a group of people you feel could benefit from an EFT circle or a workshop and have a particular theme which you'd like to work with, that can be facilitated with the Self Love Lab. I work with groups in schools, corporations, events and even with groups of friends. I run bespoke workshops to address vital themes that people are struggling with such as communication, trust, self acceptance, relating and trauma release. I have also designed workshops when asked to address something specific. Please contact me to discuss what is possible.

Some feedback from previous group work  is below, please find more on the testimonials page.

★★★★★ Jason Shepland 
Such a pleasure to find a group, holding a safe nurturing space for trauma exploration and recovery. A wealth of useful knowledge on the subject being shared. And a powerful set of real techniques being taught and applied. EFT felt profound as a group experience. And so personal at the same time. A real chance for shifts and positive changes.

★★★★★ A.H.

Very well held space - great facilitating in a way that made me feel able to explore mine and others vunerability. -Well closed - good use of asking for what you need and time to practice caring for ourselves with others after such a raw experience.

★★★★★ Joanna M 
This workshop had a big impact on me in many ways. It helped me feel validated, safe and supported, and I came away from the workshop feeling like a tremendously heavy burden I'd been carrying around had been eased considerably. Dominique holds the space so well, and her presence as a facilitator is very warm and comforting. The group attendees were also so authentic and kind, and the whole day really gave me so much insight and new perspectives. I highly recommend attending any of Dominique's groups.


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